Keys with Fragments, Strings as HTML elements, and more

Most of the time I work with React. Over time I’ve come across some simple things that I’d never thought of before and that gave me real “aha!” moments. …

Data Structures and Algorithms

Implement an algorithm with linear time and constant space complexity

LeetCode Problem

Thought Process

There are a few things to pay attention to.

Due to the required O(1) space complexity, we can’t create a new array or a Set. We have to implement an in-place algorithm by modifying the input array.

The first thing you might think to use is Array.prototype.splice. While it’s a…

Binance Smart Chain

Moving your assets between Ethereum and BSC easily

Increasing gas fees on the Ethereum network takes a lot of profit away from DeFi users. It also became impossible for small investors to enter the DeFi space since even a single transaction can cost like $100. Crazy…

Luckily Binance created Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to address this problem. …

Binance Smart Chain

Get ready to use BSC DeFi projects with this simple guide

Binance Smart Chain is very hot these days. It removes the entry barrier for newcomers to the DeFi space thanks to low transaction fees.

To interact with any BSC projects, you have to own a wallet connected to the BSC mainnet. MetaMask is one of the best crypto wallets out…

Binance Smart Chain

Take advantage of collateral loans to maximize earnings.

Collateral loans are prevalent among DeFi projects, and there is a reason for that. Who wouldn’t like to take a loan to make more money while earning interest on collateral? It’s an absolutely fantastic way to maximize earnings in good hands.

I want to introduce you to Venus Protocol. First…

No need to be cheap or frugal. Spend mindfully to change your life for the better.

I was an avid spender. Saving money or thinking about tomorrow was never in my book. It was all about doing whatever I want and enjoying life. At least that’s what I thought at those times.

At some point, I’ve realized that I’ve been working for years, earning good, and…

Is it possible to live comfortably and save after all the expenses?

When I moved to Berlin in 2017, a lot has changed in my life. One of the most important changes was the salary by doing the same job. My annual gross salary almost tripled just moving to another country.

Gross salary might not reflect the reality for everybody. It would…

Get the benefit of types to manage your routes like a champ

A woman walking on a stone path. There’s a stairway to her right.

Over the last year, I’ve had a chance to work on many React projects with TypeScript — some of them from scratch, while others dealt with maintenance or adding new features. Whether they were simple or complicated, they all involved some kind of routing.

As a result, I had a…

A look at a new React state management library developed at Facebook

We were recently introduced to a new React state management library by the folks at Facebook. It’s called Recoil.

It’s always exciting to see new solutions but a question does come to mind: Do we really need it? …

Learn about proof of concepts, prototyping, and MVPs

You have an idea for the next big thing. You start working on it with joy. You work on it for a long time, and over that time, you slowly abandon it and move to the next idea. Again, you’ve spent a lot of time on an abandoned project.


Emre Yilmaz 🌕

Software Engineer 💻 #DeFi addict 💸 I have no idea what I’m doing 🐸 Always #DYOR 📈

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