Binance Smart Chain

Moving your assets between Ethereum and BSC easily


Unfortunately, Binance Bridge has been closed and this guide is not valid anymore. While I work on a new guide you can find a list of bridging services in the below link.

Increasing gas fees on the Ethereum network takes a lot of profit away from DeFi users. It also…

Binance Smart Chain

Take advantage of collateral loans to maximize earnings.

Collateral loans are prevalent among DeFi projects, and there is a reason for that. Who wouldn’t like to take a loan to make more money while earning interest on collateral? It’s an absolutely fantastic way to maximize earnings in good hands.

I want to introduce you to Venus Protocol. First…

Get the benefit of types to manage your routes like a champ

A woman walking on a stone path. There’s a stairway to her right.

Over the last year, I’ve had a chance to work on many React projects with TypeScript — some of them from scratch, while others dealt with maintenance or adding new features. Whether they were simple or complicated, they all involved some kind of routing.

As a result, I had a…

Emre Yilmaz 🌕

I’m a web3 builder and content creator 🐙

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